转型与突破 – CFO的“道”与“术”


由新理财作为官方媒体支持, ACCA主办的第11届ACCA首席财务官峰会将于10月20日(周二)在上海隆重举办。本届主题是:转型与突破–CFO的“道”与“术”。为了帮助CFO更好的从身、心、思维等多方面实现突破,本届峰会不仅仅探讨CFO的“术”,而更多的探讨CFO的“道”,从做什么,怎么做到更多的进行自我观察,自我对话,帮助CFO突破固有的思维方式,真正的突破自我,成为一个更加能够鼓舞人心的领袖。


8.50 – 9.00

Welcome Speech

Ada Leung, Head of ACCA China ACCA

William Gong, Senior Partner, Eastern and Western China Region, KPMG

9.00 – 9.40

ACCA Insight: CFO 2020: How to stand out!
ACCA洞察:CFO 2020:如何卓尔不群

The global economic recovery continues to advance coupled with stronger growth and higher levels of employment than seen in recent years. This session will explore the skills that finance professionals are expected to have at the cuffs of their sleeves to remain at the heart of business in the decade ahead.

9.40 – 11.00

Economic Outlook: Global and Chinese economic forecast 2016
经济展望:2016 年全球和中国经济预测及CFO应对战略

The year 2015 and 2016 might very likely be a touch ground period when China’s economy slides from rapid growth to high and intermediate growth. The major goal of this stage is to realize the transformation and rebalance. As the global economic center gradually transfers from West to East and newly emerged economies keep growing, what kind of opportunities and challenges shall China’s economy encounter? How shall CFOs seize the micro-economic trend and make better planning and control of business strategy?

Fan Jianping, Chief Economist of the Information Center, State Development and Reform Committee

11.00 – 11.30

Networking Break \ 茶歇

11.30 – 12.30

Breakthrough: The Value of CFO from the Perspective of CEO



12.30 – 12.40

ACCA Approved Employer Awarding Ceremony
ACCA 认可雇主颁奖仪式

12.40 – 14.00

Networking luncheon \ 午宴

14.00 – 14.40

Conversation to The Queen of PE: The future development of Chinese Enterprises

She used to lead a dozen small obscure enterprises to success. Three of the entrepreneurs are now listed among Top 100 in the Forbes list. She was voted by Forbes among Top 50 Asian business women, and her special insight in investment has created many miracles in the investment circle. How many Alibaba and JD will we have in this era for startup? How shall CFO make evaluations like the investment queen to witness and promote the rise of more Chinese Giant?
她曾让十多家名不见经传的小企业,一飞冲天。其中三位创业者还进入了福布斯富豪榜前一百名。 她曾被福布斯评为50位亚洲商界权势女性之一,她是中国最佳创投人。 她在投资方面独到的眼光创造了不少投资界的神话。在这个不创业会后悔的年代,还会有多少个阿里巴巴和京东?CFO如何像投资女王一样去评估,见证和推动更多中国巨人的崛起?

Kathy Xu, President, Today Capital

14.40 – 15.30

Transformation: Leading beyond finance

When the demand for CFOs to become important strategic business partners, it implies that the CFOs’ responsibilities would no longer be limited to finance. There is an increasing trend that CFOs need to manage beyond finance, for instance, in some Global Business Services (GBS) centres which expand to include HR and IT functions. What is the implication for CFOs to manage the talents beyond finance boundary? What challenges CFOs face when their work expands to non-finance areas?

Moderator 主持人:

Panelists 座谈嘉宾:

Cathy Li, CFO, Homeinns Group

Guolin Zhu, CFO, Yonghui Superstore
永辉超市 首席财务官,朱国林

Jianhua Dong, CFO, Shanghai Electric Group

15.30 – 15.50

Networking Break \ 茶歇

15.50 – 16.40

Panel Discussion 2 – Be an Inspiring Leader: Build a SMART Finance Team 嘉宾讨论二:鼓舞人心的领袖 - 打造轻盈的财务团队

In a constant changing business environment, it is crucial for CFOs to build a SMART Finance team to embrace the change and drive business. ACCA’s smart finance function campaign showcases the good practices, challenges and opportunities corporate finance functions face. It explores how the quality of finance leadership, the adoption of breakthrough technologies, better people practices, and innovative thinking can transform the finance function. How CFO can be an inspiring leader to build such a Dream SMART Team?
在商业环境不断变化的时代,打造一个轻盈的财务团队能够有能力拥抱变革,甚至推动变革及商业发展变得至关重要。在ACCA Smart Finance项目中探索了四个领域,CFO领导力,突破性技术的采用,更好的人才战略及创新性的思维方式。CFO要实现怎样的突破才能成为一个真正的鼓舞人心的领袖,以成功打造这样的财务梦之队?

Moderator 主持人:

Chiew Chun Wee, Head of Policy, Asia Pacific, ACCA

ACCA 亚太区政策主管,周俊伟

Panelists 座谈嘉宾:

James Bai, Senior Executive – Finance, Alibaba

阿里巴巴资深财务总监, 白峰

George Gross, CFO, Shanghai Disney Resort


Katie Xu, Senior Finance Director, Asia Pacific, Honeywell Performance Material & Technology
霍尼韦尔高性能材料与技术亚太区高级财务总监, 许一帆

16.40 – 18.00

The Discomfort Zone: How CFOs Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthrough
不适区 - CFO如何将艰难对话转化为突破良机

You can understand others better when you are able to control your own emotions. As CFO, an important leader in the enterprise, you are the one to set emotional tones for conversations, environment and future prospect, make better communications and inspire the creativity and actions of the team, thus turn difficult situations into breakthroughs. Choose your own emotion and understand others is an important step in the successful transition from a CFO to an outstanding leader in the business circle. In this session we will invite the global top EQ master, the great tutor of thoughts, former president of ICF and director of ICF certification committee to share with us how a CFO can make better use of his EQ and lead the team to realize breakthrough and development in the discomfort zone.
如果能更好的控制你自己的情感选择,就能更好的理解他人。CFO,作为企业中重要的领导者,你为谈话、环境和未来展望设定情感基调,将能够更好的沟通并激发团队的创造力及行动力,将团队所面临的困难转换为突破。选择你的情绪并能够读懂他人,这对CFO成功转型成为一个卓越的商界领袖至关重要。该环节将邀请全球顶级情商大师,领导思维的领导教练, 国际教练联合会ICF前会长, ICF认证委员会主任委员为大家分享CFO如何更好的运用情商带领团队在不适区中实现突破与发展。

Dr. Marcia ReynoldsThe 5th  ICF President,  ICF Committee member
国际教练联合会ICF第五任会长, ICF认证委员会主任委员,Marcia Reynolds博士


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